Boosted indie pop

La Billy is a Parisian indie pop band, composed by Félicia and Bruno, as well as their band that joins them for live performances.


La Billy is a poetic journey in the heart of fantasies and onirism - borrowing influences from Gainsbourg, and bass lines that ultimately reminds us of The Beatles.


I absolutely loved mastering this EP, as it brought me back to some of my favourite artists from my home country.

Mastered at the studio


Folk arrangements and powerful voice

With music falling under the influence of various artists that he grew up with (Bob Dylan, Cat Stevens, Pink Floyd) and some more recent (Tallest Man On Earth, Ryan Adams, Father John Misty), Miguel makes a sweet blend between old school folk and rock.

Nobody KnowsMiguel Cosme
00:00 / 01:04
Ain't Got the AnswerMiguel Cosme
00:00 / 01:04

When it comes to the writing, it feels that the song always comes prior to the music, hence the style will often vary. In the album we worked on together, the lyrics seem to be leading - as from his words, he "intended to write a continuous love story, song after song".


Her updated version of folk music is

influenced by artists like Joni Mitchell, David Crosby and Nick Drake, and bands such as

Pentangle and Led Zeppelin.

Formerly known as Jane Silver, Patricia Atzur is a singer-songwriter and guitarist,

originally from Barcelona.

Patricia knows how to take you through her journey - and her albums, as her gigs, relieve her poetry and admirable composition mind.

Mixed and mastered at the studio
Profound, dreamy and modern folk



I love when I meet a band, and instantly become friends with them. One thing for sure, they feel like a little family (well, not so little when you pay attention to their following). And they know how to make you feel that you're part of it! Listen and see for yourself.

Jangling guitar hooks pulsating over tightly woven harmonies, frontman Ethan's warm and emotive vocals, poetic lyrics and anthemic soundscapes:

that's BRIDGES.

'Wishbone' is their last single that we collaborated on. 

Mastered at the studio
"Soft, supple songwriting with a dark edge." - CLASH




Jazz/R&B with a touch of Gospel.

"The composition, the arrangement and the emphasis on painting colours within a song, that are played with fearless, child-like aplomb (If that makes sense). There are literally so many gobsmacking moments of musical fierceness, that at times, it’s hard to keep up!"


Jeremy Sylvester / Urban Music PR

Perfect fusion between Snarky Puppy and Esperanza Spalding, Grace Kim's music, accompanied by the 7-piece 'The Skittles' smoothly blends modern soul and R&B music with a retro feel to it.

She just released 'You Make Me Believe' last mont, announcing more tracks.